1. Do you think people love it or hate it when I unlock my private Scruff album only to reaveal a single pic of my Nymph()maniac soul tree outside of Rebecca’s Hair Design?

  2. If John Travolta was hired to play Ross Geller tho..

  4. Winter? I don’t know her


  6. Peck and Make Up

    A little while ago I let my friend’s dog run at a small pack of crows because I knew they would fly away and also because he’s muzzled so he can’t eat birds. This sounds mean but running at birds is the only thing that makes the poor guy happy as he was recently diagnosed with depression :(. The crows flew away, as expected, but much to my surprise they flew right back at me! Then they cawed and more crows came and I ran to my friends house to give them a chance to cool off. A few days later I was walking through that same park and a crow swooped at me again. It remembered me! I haven’t walked through that park and in months, and maybe never will again, which is a bummer because it’s the closest park to my house and I’m lazy. 

    I wonder if there is a way to make it up to them? I know that crows can recognize danger and alert their lil friends for an attack, but can they also recognize gestures of love and peace? What if I brought them some bread crumbs or attacked people who got too close to them? Would they celebrate those efforts? They would still be able to call their friends and swoop ( I think that’s their thing), but maybe they could do it a little slower and less aggressive for celebrations. 

    Crows are supposed to be smart, but maybe only at recognizing the bad stuff, and if that’s the case, then I don’t even care to patch this up! I’ve already got a best friend who only focuses on the negative and she’s called the internet, so, good riddance death birds.   


  7. Stuff That No One Cares About / #187


    Corn is mentioned or shown in every episode of Roseanne.

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  8. Veronica Mars is so good at Multitasking

  9. I’m about to start my Christmas shopping and need to know if they are sellin poppers at that lil chunk of America just past Tsawwassen…. They must, right?

  11. hfml:

    spider hole

    One of these bears has a spray tan! I’d know that orange anywhere..

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  12. Love Actually

  13. Bye Bye Beardy

  14. Chris Cross dresser


  15. Liesa Metelli

    • I tell people that I LOVE brunch when I don’t. I hate getting up early, I hate waiting in line and I always order lunch when it’s available.
    • I’ve never shot-gunned a beer. I tell people that I have but I haven’t. It looks stupid and savage and I refuse. Ok. I’m just too scared. I don’t want it to blow up on me or to not be able to finish and look like a wimp. I’ve always planned to try one alone in my room but haven’t gotten around to it.
    • The sushi in Japan is not amazing. Well, I’m sure it actually is— I just aint never had it. I lived there for a year at the age of 18 and when people ask I say the sushi was most excellent. I was obsessed with beef donburi and ramen and was too scared of raw fish to bother with it though. True fact: I had my first cheeseburger in tokyo.
    • I tell people that my friend went into labour with a baby (that nobody knew about) at the age of 13 while tubing behind a boat on the lake. I realize there is A CHANCE this didn’t happen exactly this way, but a part of me thinks it did. Regardless, I tell the story as fact. Often.